"B.T. sure to mark her!"

As your Gwinnett County Superior Court Judge, my plan is to do the following:

  1. Create a “Second-Chance Court”—Gwinnett County has three (3) Accountability Courts (Drug, Mental Health and Veterans Courts), however, we need a fourth.  For non-violent and non-sexual felonies (for example, possessing more than an ounce of marijuana), I will create an Accountability Court that will give these offenders a “Second-Chance”.  This Second-Chance Court will not only enable offenders to become productive members in society by helping them with education and employment, but will also encourage them to have purpose.  Studies have shown that offenders who participate in programs such as this, are far less likely to reoffend (recidivism).  Additionally, investing in offenders’ rehabilitation (as opposed to putting resources in the prison system) costs far less to taxpayers. 
  1. Create a “Project-Prison-Prevention” Program—Our middle schoolers and high schoolers, while at school, will meet those who have been involved in the Criminal Justice System--to include offenders who have served time, jailers (wardens, prison officers, etc.), probation and parole agents, and others who are a part of the System. This will enable our youth to be deterred and fully understand what truly happens in the Criminal Justice System.  My goal is to drastically reduce the number of youthful offenders in my courtroom, and to reduce the school-to-prison pipeline.
  1. Create a “Judicial Efficiency Committee” —Due to Gwinnett County’s unexpected population growth, our court system has been overwhelmed. There are numerous ways in which cases can be adjudicated faster.  As an attorney who has been responsible for litigating multi-million dollar cases throughout the state of Georgia, I have practiced in about 100 of the 159 counties, and have experienced ways in which other counties’ courts operate more efficiently.  Thus, I will bring those efficiencies to Gwinnett County, and work with my judicial colleagues to implement such.